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We finish your house,
so you can make a home.
Lunch at Home
You're a
home owner.
You love your home. But there's a of couple spots that could do with some professional help.  So what do you do next?

Looks like you found us, so here's a quick overview of our service offerings.
You have that one room that really needs a make-over. You want to see it grand, sparkling and new.
You want a builder that can oversee the whole renovation and be responsible to get it done, on time and on budget. 

No matter what space needs to be renovated, we will manage the entire project. You can relax knowing everything will be built and warrantied by an industry professional.

This service is ideal for people that know what they want but don't know how to do it. 
"Ben was amazing and made living through a renovation as stress free as possible.  I am so happy with the results and my friends are always blown away."
Brad Smith, Big Bay Ontario
Specialty Services
You have a space in your house that is almost done, it just needs a pro to finish the last few details.
This service is ideal for people that need a specific service to finish a room. Perhaps you have completed 90% of the project yourself but need help to finish it up.  Such services might include: 
• Custom furniture
• Tiling
• Trim installation
​• Flooring 
• Ben?
• Tiling
• Trim installation​
• Flooring 
"We spent so long looking for that piece of furniture that was perfect for our room. Ben was able to create exactly what we wanted at a price that was comparable to buying something from a store." 
DIY Consulting Program
This service provides the best of both worlds for DIYers. You can save money by doing the majority of the renovation work yourself and Ben Cox will guide you through each step of the process.  

Ben Cox will design a program to suit your project scope and skill level. This will allow you to learn professional building techniques, save thousands of dollars and stay on schedule.
You are going to undertake a renovation in your home but need a pro to help you stay on track to get professional results. 
Carpentry Work
"My husband is really handy but he wasn't quite sure if he could handle the project on his own. With Ben's help, not only did he finish the renovation, it loooks truly amazing. This program was worth every penny!"
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